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Changes to membershipsPublished 7 months agoUpdated 7 months ago

**EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY** I am altering how we define a "member in good standing" to move from a paid membership toward just having an approved ...

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Yay! You can edit lift details nowPublished 8 months ago

I was able to squeeze in a little time to build out editing of lifts after you submit them. Also, the default unit selection is in Freedom Units no...

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Hacker News!Published 8 months ago

It may be small potatoes but I got some engagement (and feedback!) on [Hacker News](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22786476)! Fun times.

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Embeddable videosPublished 8 months ago

I just added the ability to provide an embed code for a video. This allows you to just copy/paste and existing video you have out on YouTube or Ins...

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The plaguePublished 9 months ago

For many years--well over a decade--I used to be able to count the number of missed training days I had on one hand. Then I had children and tho...

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Holy crap...it lives!Published 9 months ago

It's been quite some time but I am happy to say that SSC is off the ground. No one will be able to read this just yet. I need to tighten up some lo...

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